From an early age on, I have been fascinated by the world of retail and knew that I would eventually end up working in this business.

After gaining experience at various companies, I decided to follow my dream and in 2008 started my own e-commerce business: Solaris Japan. Since I grew up as a so-called digital native, the logical thing for me to do was to combine my affinity for both retail and the digital world.


During the early phase of building up the company, I soon realized that the foundation for its growth would be finding the right technology to power it and prepare it for future challenges, so the first person I hired was a programmer.


The e-commerce platform we were using at the time, unfortunately, turned out to be an obstacle, as its restrictions would not allow us to implement functions and design ideas that would help us drive our sales numbers up. After examining several other e-commerce platforms, we decided to give Shopify a try and in 2014 switched our online store over to their system.


Soon after the switch, it turned out that Shopify was the right choice: within the first year our sales increased by 351%!

Highly motivated by this surprising success, we continued to further explore the possibilities Shopify has to offer and kept optimizing our online store in order to create a great shopping experience for our customers. We never looked back and are convinced that Shopify will continue to be the ideal partner to keep our e-commerce business growing.


When Shopify opened their first office in Japan, they approached us and we were happy to learn that our company was among their top performing clients.

Word of our increasing success through the use of Shopify and customization got around and people started to ask us for advice. This was when I decided to create Team Lunaris and offer our years of experience as a service to people who have the same dream as I did: running your own e-commerce business.